HCM Partner Opportunities with Bridgemark Powered by RTM Business Group

At RTM Business Group, we cultivate unique opportunities for leaders and authorities within the Human Capital Management industry to connect, collaborate, and ideate. With an invitation-only approach to how our business forums are curated, we create unique experiences where industry-specific challenges are addressed within a solutions-oriented environment.

For our partners, this results in individualized and enriched business development opportunities.

An intentional and collaborative environment

Our HCM Congresses are designed to deliver the highest quality of collaboration, discovery and organizational-specific outcomes for each of our delegates. At these events, our partners are introduced to a group of delegates who are positioned within their organizations to make decisions, take action, and implement new solutions. Through matchmaking curated vendor partnerships with an attendee pool actively looking for innovation, we’re able to deliver accelerated growth opportunities for our partners and delegates alike.

Why partner with us?

Partnership opportunities for an RTM HCM Congress are by invitation only, with a limited capacity for vendor opportunities. For our partners, this offers the benefits of a small, select and focused experience, ensuring their offering meets the criteria of our attending delegates’ requirements and investment interests.

Partners who take part in our Human Capital Management Congresses discover the benefits of:

Curated and personalized meetings with leading decision-makers and industry authorities

At an RTM HCM Congress, our attendees include Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief People Officers, Employee Experience Officers, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Chief Talent Officers, and more. With delegates attending from some of the country’s largest companies, this provides a unique opportunity to meet decision-makers who can effect change and implement new products or services. 

Enhanced visibility

Through our innovative approach to B2B marketing and engagement platforms, we can provide a new solution to the challenges that can create low productivity within tradeshow or traditional marketing model environments. Our high-impact events are strategically shaped to offer enhanced visibility within growth areas, maximizing your efforts within a few short days of participation.


Warm and authentic connections with delegates and other vendors

In a traditional tradeshow environment, you may be fighting for attention. In our HCM Congresses, your schedule is curated by our team, connecting you with appropriate delegates within a highly strategic one-on-one environment. With a program that also extends to world-class panels and roundtables, networking opportunities, keynotes, and various social events, you can build authentic relationships within a collaborative and welcoming environment.

Learning and discovery within HCM advancements

Since your meeting schedule is already taken care of by our team, you can participate in thought-leading sessions with keynote speakers and fellow industry leaders. In these sessions, you’ll find the latest technological advancements within the HCM field, giving you critical insights across your relevant market within a focused and concise format.

Hear from our partners

Don’t just take our word for it - here’s what our Banking Partners have to say about RTM Congresses.


‘The intimacy of the group was phenomenal. It was a great group of delegates who are passionate about their profession and change leaders in their organization.’ - Past Sponsor


‘The program was well organized - topics were relevant, and networking opportunities were plentiful.’ - Past Delegate

Join us in building HCM industry innovation

Is your organization primed to participate in our next RTM HCM Congress? Connect with our team to learn more about our strategic and innovation-oriented partner opportunities.

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