Are you interested in becoming a featured speaker for Bridgemark Powered by RTM Human Capital Management Congresses?

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RTM Business Group creates opportunities to highlight and showcase thought leaders within the Human Capital Management sector. We offer industry professionals and leading HCM experts the opportunity to participate in our HCM Congresses as a featured speaker, benefitting from a unique platform to share expert insights with a primed audience of delegates and industry partners. 

Connect with fellow industry professionals and contribute to the advancement of the Human Capital Management industry as you offer your thought leadership on the industry’s opportunities for innovation. 

Benefits to featured speakers

RTM’s Human Capital Congresses are industry-leading convergence points for decision-makers and executives to gather, discover, learn, and apply. With access controlled to a select group of invitation-only partners and delegates, HCM Congresses offer a curated and enhanced environment where industry-specific challenges and opportunities are explored and reframed.

Our HCM sector featured speakers enjoy the benefits of:

Increased professional visibility

When you’re highlighted as a featured speaker within our exclusive Congress programs, you’ll benefit from enhanced personal and professional branding opportunities.

Sector-specific networking

If you’re looking to grow your professional network within the Human Capital Management sector, you’ll find curated access to industry leaders, future partners, and relevant peers.

Innovative thought leadership

Your expertise and insights are intrinsically valuable. That’s why the RTM Human Capital Management platform is primed for your voice and vision, where it can contribute to crucial discussions about the innovation needed for the future.

Ongoing growth

Expand your career prospects and enhance your knowledge within our curated Congress environments. As a featured speaker, your presence and visibility may lead to your next professional evolution.

RTM Human Capital Management Congress audiences and attendees

In the invitation-only environment of our Human Capital Management Congresses, leading industry authorities and executives form your audience base. Attendees are cross-industry executives whose companies count over 750 employees, including Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief People Officers, Employee Experience Officers, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Chief Talent Officers, and more.

This is a unique and rare platform where your professional presence can be cultivated. Find exclusive access to an audience of peers and collaborators who are ready to learn from your expertise and insights. With a world-class lineup of industry leaders on the speakers list alongside you, you’ll enhance your presence, visibility, and professional network.

Human Capital Management Congress topics and areas of focus

Our HCM Congresses focus on topics including:

Employee experiences

Productivity in the workplace

Reskilling and upskilling

Hybrid and remote workforce management

Training and development programs

Internal communications

Attracting and retaining talent

Future-proofing workforce strategies

Succession planning

Workplace culture

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ready to learn more?

Are you the next thought leader for the RTM HCM Congress stage? Connect with our team today to explore the opportunities available to you as a featured speaker – you may just discover an opportunity that defines your next career chapter.

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