Collaboration and advancement for the Human Capital industry

Discover the tools and insights you need to define your organization’s future

Find an unmatched convergence point for industry leaders and innovators in HCM. At RTM Congresses, our uniquely cultivated experiences bring the nation’s top Human Capital Management executives together to envision and transform the sector’s future.

A Congress for industry leaders

Our HCM Congresses are highly curated to offer delegates an opportunity to discover new tools, advancements, and strategic solutions to the problems that are most pressing in their organizations. Within an environment that’s streamlined and focused, RTM HCM Congresses are integral platforms for the kind of innovation and collaboration that transforms challenges into opportunities.

Curated and strategic networking opportunities

Connect with your peers and meet industry-leading professionals within this strategically invitation-only environment. As a Congress attendee, you’ll enjoy the benefits of genuine connections that are built within a controlled and considered environment. Whether you’re meeting new peers, discovering future partners, or offering your own thought leadership, our Congresses will see your efforts matched with relational rewards.

Enhanced delegate outcomes

In recognition of the importance of each of our delegate’s time and priorities, we shape every aspect of our Congresses to deliver the highest quality of efficient results. This emphasis means that the time you invest results in measurable and outcome-oriented value for your personal, professional, and organizational development.

Key Testimonials


‘The intimacy of the group was phenomenal. It was a great group of delegates who are passionate about their profession and change leaders in their organization.’ - Past Sponsor


‘The program was well organized - topics were relevant, and networking opportunities were plentiful.’ - Past Delegate

The RTM Commitment

RTM is driven to achieve invaluable and far-reaching experiences in each of our Congresses. We match the passion our delegates carry for their evolving industry landscape in every aspect of our platform’s design, ensuring they’re empowered with the discoveries, innovations, learnings, and networks that are necessary to achieve continued change

With dedicated and thought leadership as the common thread between our delegates, we’re able to curate a strategic focus for each Congress in response to the needs and priorities of our attendees. Combined with our invitation-only delegate pool, this results in a high-value convergence of leading practitioners whose organizational pressures and priorities mirror your own.

This collaborative environment is highly effective, with delegates reporting sustained and transformational value through their participation. We’ve strategically designed this to take place within an efficient multi-day Congress format that condenses the time requirements that are often associated with innovation, giving you genuine outcomes at rapid speed within your organization. 

At RTM K-12, your success is our own. We strive to create environments that fuel your knowledge, expand your networks, and amplify your impact in the K-12 education sector.

RTM Blueprints

For past and present RTM Human Capital Management attendees and qualified thought leaders, our strategically curated white papers present the latest areas of discovery and opportunity within the HCM industry.

Enjoy year-round access to nuanced and curated topics that support your ongoing professional development, knowledge base, and transformational prospects.

Understanding, Embracing, and Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Blueprint for All School District Leaders

This Blueprint focuses on making students feel represented, and creating a sense of belonging, as well as finding and implementing ethnic studies resources in curriculum and instruction.

The Bridgemark Mission

Customized platforms for B2B engagement, empowering strategic collaboration and knowledge sharing across private sectors.

Bridgemark, powered by RTM, is at the forefront of redefining professional development and networking within the private sector. Providing national educational forums and professional development opportunities for leaders in many private industries, our mission is to create collaborative environments where thought leaders can think critically, work collaboratively, and act strategically to make meaningful change. 

More than a conventional conference, our Congresses provide a pioneering platform for leaders to challenge bureaucratic systems, outdated policies, budget constraints and communication breakdowns, which stifle sector-specific innovation. With unmatched networking opportunities and reformative content creation, our full-service events are designed to empower participants to lead confidently in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Whatever your industry, we ensure every interaction is rich with impact, allowing business leaders to build lasting connections, exchange groundbreaking ideas and pave the way for lasting success.

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