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RTM’s curated Congresses offer strategic environments for delegates and vendors to converge, discover, and collaborate, harnessing the power of digital transformation to fuel their organisation’s futures.

Human Capital Management

In the wake of the pandemic, we have seen a rise in remote work and the ‘Great Resignation’. It is now up to HCM leaders to transform traditional HR challenges into opportunities to more effectively manage workforces, optimise engagement and drive business value in an increasingly agile business environment.

Our HCM Congresses bring the nation’s top Human Capital Management executives together to envision and transform the sector’s future. With a focus on recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and performance management, we provide a platform for delegates to discover new tools, advancements, and strategic solutions to the most pressing problems in their organizations.

From attracting and retaining top-tier talent to catering to a multi-generational workforce, our HCM Congresses focus on innovative ways to improve people management strategies to benefit both employees and enterprises. Our Congresses are streamlined and focused on creating outcome-oriented value for your personal, professional, and organizational development.


The banking sector stands at the threshold of a new era, the Age of AI, which is poised to completely transform the industry, impacting roles across all areas of banks and the roles within them. This shift is ushering in new challenges, including navigating a new generation of risks, tighter legislative regulation, new ways of working, and expanding cloud computing and data capabilities.

With our Banking Congresses, you can dive into the very heart of banking’s iterative landscape, seeking solutions to address sector-specific needs and driving the next wave of industry opportunity. Whether you’re meeting new peers, discovering future partners, or offering your own thought leadership, our Baking Congresses provide integral platforms for innovation, collaboration, and discovery. 

Connect with your peers and meet industry-leading professionals to strategize the best ways to maintain meaningful connections with customers and free banks from the limitations of ageing legacy systems.


While labour shortages, inflation, and the aftershocks of the pandemic are easing, insurers and hospitals continue to grapple with escalating costs and digital health companies struggle to strategize after low levels of investment. This comes as the healthcare industry faces threats from rising cybersecurity concerns, as attacks and breaches become more frequent and seek solutions to ease the burden of an ageing population.

Our Healthcare Congresses are highly curated to create unique and unparalleled opportunities for healthcare professionals and industry leaders to discover and define the industry’s future. Build genuine connections within a space that’s strategically curated to foster collaboration and networking between like-minded key stakeholders and decision-makers. 

From leveraging cutting-edge healthtech and infrastructure, to seeking generativeAI innovations and patient-centred solutions, our Congresses connect you with conversations that are shaping the evolving healthcare landscape. Each interaction presents an opportunity for discovery, collaboration, and meaningful, real-world outcomes.

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